Rave Reviews for Haiku Austin


Austin Monthly headline on Haiku Austin book

From Austin Monthly: Haiku Austin is "made up of mini love songs about the capital city, all in the traditional 5-syllable, 7-syllable, 5-syllable pattern of a haiku that you probably remember fondly from middle school."

Culture Map ATX reviews Haiku Austin

From Culture Map ATX: "Whether you're an old-schooler mourning the passing of festivals like Aquafest and Spamarama, a newbie seeking a creative crash course in all things Austin, or a visitor wanting the perfect slice of city life as a keepsake, Haiku Austin has something for everyone."


Out and About Austin 360

From Michael Barnes of Austin 360/Austin-American Statesman: "Stankiewicz’s slender volume brandishes its bright, quirky images and light, quirky words quite effectively. Don’t seek profundities here. Instead enjoy page after page of knowing smiles inspired by our town’s beloved singularities."